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Places to Visit in Hong Kong

There are very few places in the world, which will amuse you with something new and exciting every time you visit that particular place. Hong Kong is one of such places which never ceases to impress you. Each and every moment spent in Hong Kong will be a surprising bliss for all. There is no way to escape from the captivating view and charm of this appealing place. The glamourous financial hub of the world is adorned with most awe-inspiring Chinese culture and history which leaves tourists spell-bind. Tourists all around the world come to Hong Kong to drink the elixir of everlasting allure and charismatic beauty of this place. One cannot but fall in love with this place. It embraces each and every flavours of modernity and natural creations that lies in the lap of the city.

Hong Kong is an exemplary amalgamation of Chinese and Colonial influence over the period. This extra-ordinary city has absorbed all the cultures and people from different places. Not only important as a major financial hub and paramount harbour city but also Hong Kong has successfully tempted every tourists who has come here even for the first time. This is a unique city, everyone loves to be here.

Places to See in Hong Kong

Star Ferry

Star Ferry Hong Kong, ChinaThe iconic symbol, a must visit while in Hong Kong, Star Ferry means something what Eiffel Tower is to Paris. Though mostly used as a transporting vehicle, the route involves one of the most scenic and awe-inspiring view of Hong Kong. Surrounded by dense towers and skylines rising high ahead you with scenically beautiful lush green mountains as background creates one of the most picturesque sight best to indulge yourself in taking photographs especially at night. The wide open space unlike the confined city rejuvenates your mood with its exceptionally cool refreshing breezes. Those ferries are available throughout the day and some extend to night with ample seats accessible along the rail.
This impressive water route is undoubtedly a breath-taking one as it gives tourists the outlook of sky high buildings of Hong Kong which seem to be built one atop another. Other than that, the 360 lesser and sound night show, perhaps one of the world’s largest, is also a worth sight to experience for a life-altering moment. The calm and pleasing ambience is surely going to impress you.

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak in Hong KongThe tall high skyscrapers are the landmarks of one of the touristiest place in the world, Hong Kong and Victoria Peak is such point which will provide the exact beauty and charm of the place. Situated atop of the highest point Hong Kong’s Island which is famous for its scenically appealing lookouts. The incredible view from the peak holds an inviting evitable charm which makes tourists in large number come to this place.
From this high peak one can not only witness the most enthralling charm of the beauteous blue waterways and tall skyscrapers, but also they can make the distant new territories.  This place is the best to be visited at night when the skyscrapers lights up with beautiful bright light giving a charismatic feeling. After Star Ferry, if there is any place which needs to be visited while in Hong Kong is undoubtedly Victoria peak.

Street Markets

Shopaholics can be found anywhere but Hong Kong won’t make you worry as Hong Kong is such a place where if you roam, there enough chances that you will end up in one of the shopping frenzies of the city. The Hong Kong’s Street Market is one the very place where one can shop till they do not fall. With an exclusive range and diverse collections of merchandise, even the non-shoppers will end up with shopping here. The ladies’ market is very famous among all the girls and women because of its specialization in women’s clothing and accessories. Not only a paradise for shoppers but also the temple street night market holds an incredible ambience which attracts tourists in large numbers. Another most significant market in Hong Kong, the Stanley Market, occupying a fish village area, is also famous for its ample variety of home décor, jewellery and colourful merchandise. Bargaining is advisable for getting items at an unimaginable low price.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Wong Tai Sin Temple in Hong KongBuilt to commemorate the Taoist god, Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the newest temple of Hong Kong which interests tourists in a completely different way. Located in Kowloon, this temple was built in 1920 which later reconstructed in 1968 as a private structure. This temple is highly valued and worshiped by the Locals and tourists as well as the temple is believed to bring good luck in horse racing and also is a healer of illness.
Every year grand celebrations are held grabbing a major festival in the premises of the temple. Other than that, this temple is also consist of several buildings like the Hall of Three Saints, the Good Wish Garden, and there is also a separate hall which is dedicated to Confucius and his 72 disciples.

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

One of the most entertaining and shopping hub at the Southern point of the Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade is famous for providing unobstructed views of the Hong Kong’s Island magnificent skylines. This place is also a must visit not only because of its majestic views but also for the Avenue of Stars, a promenade to pay tribute to some of the Hong Kong’s esteemed well known superstars. Great martial arts artists like Bruce lee and many other Chinese artists has made their ways to this promenade. This place is exactly similar to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.In the evening, the promenade is one of the most breath-taking site to visit because of the great light show, the Symphony of Light accompanied with music.

Ocean Park

Ocean Park In Hong KongOcean Park, also referred as The Disneyland of Hong Kong, is an ultimate destination for all adventurous and fun like activities with a largest life size aquarium dome in the world. This aquarium houses 400 species of aquatic species, reef tunnels, sea stars and sea cucumbers. Other than that, an ample variety of endangered species like giant pandas, red pandas and Chinese giant pandas can also be spotted here.There are also many exciting fun activities are also available a visitor can take part on including the Mine Train, Raging River, and Space Wheel.

Lantau Island

Lantau Island in Hong Kong, Hong Kong TourismOne of the most sought place among tourists as Visitor’s playground, Lantau Island consists of many historical sites, amusements parks, sunny beaches and more interesting stuffs spread all over the place. This is the perfect place for traversing around the ancient trails and enjoy the quaint beauteous sight from the sunset peak. This beautiful island enough to offer something or the other to everyone. Beach lovers can enjoy their salvation and indulge themselves in mouth-watering sea foods in Hong Kong longest beach, adventure lover can enjoy numerous adventurous activities available here, on the other side those who are interested in historical buffs, the massive big Buddha statue is the ideal place for them and all those places can be accessed from this Island.
The big Buddha is statue is one of its kind and it took almost 12 years to complete it. With proper guidance by the Monk, one can start off their early morning journey from this place to the beautiful sunset point. The lush green over spread tea plantation is also a worth site to visit.

Hong Kong Museum of History

Hong Kong Museum of HistoryOne of the best places in Hong Kong to indulge yourself with the pre historic era to modern times, Hong Kong Museum of History is an ideal place to squeeze out the incredible history of 400 years under one roof. This museum is completely furnished with culture, fashion and architecture of ancient times. There are more than about 90,000 ancient historical objects and materials that will your entire day to visit this place entirely.
This museum is too informative and overwhelmed to make your day count and to have whole another experience in historical ambience.  This history museum is an ideal place for learning the past and understanding the present.

Hong Kong’s Disneyland

Hong Kong DisneylandPositioning on the Lantau Island, Hong Kong’s Disneyland is an exact replica of Walt Disney World. Those who have never been to Walt Disney, Hong Kong’s this Disneyland will provide you all the excitement and adventure that you are looking for. Tourists must visit this place while in Hong Kong to have the feeling of Disney Land. Though relatively smaller in size, but it won’t disappoint you make you amused and excited to the core. In Hong Kong’s Disneyland, there are many American Parks including Space Mountain and sleeping beauty castle which are the most attractive corners of all.‘The happiest place on Earth’ is too much loved by children and families but because of lack of adventurous sports activities, it is not much loved by the adults. Like other Disneyland, this place generally stay mostly crowded.

Dragon’s Back Hike

Dragon’s Back HikeBeing a tight and confined place, there are not much scope for adventurous activities to indulge yourself while being in Hong Kong. But if you are an adrenaline junky and seriously looking for a place where you can try out a new level of adventure, then Dragon’s Back Hike is the ultimate place for that. This lush green escaping place with eye catching mesmerizing view away from the buzz of the city. This scenically beautiful place is so pleasing and alluring that one may feel being at a sense of complete peace and tranquillity while being in here.
The soulful sound of the birds, waterfalls and rattling of the ocean waves will set another goals for hiking. The trek through the valleys is breath-taking and the view on the top of the hike is unapologetically beautiful.

Cuisines to Try in Hong Kong

Known as the ‘World’s Food Fair’, Hong Kong offers a mouth-watering amalgamation of both Eastern and Western Cultures. Hong Kong is the paradise for those who want to indulge themselves in all types of authentic cuisines like Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indian, European, and American. For food enthusiast, Hong Kong has truly become a place where they can get plenty of choices and still do not get over from that. From roadside stalls to world class restaurants, in Hong Kong one can find it all.

Whether it is breakfast or lunch or dinner, Hong Kong’s platter always offers something new and special. When it comes to food and cuisines, Hong Kong will never cease to impress you. One can enjoy many traditional and cultural dishes in Hong Kong, like congee and yau cha kwai as breakfast, Chinese food with rice as mid-day meal. Other than that, there are many famous Cantonese cuisine which includes shiitake mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, salted duck eggs, red beans, dried shrimp, jujube, lotus seeds and many more. One thing that will make you Hong Kong tour worth remembering is undoubtedly the pungent foods and cuisines of this place.

Accommodation to Stay in Hong Kong 

Being a sought touristy destination and an important financial hub, Hong Kong has managed to build a strong hotel chain across the city. There are an exemplary number of hotels and resorts available in Hong Kong where one can get all sort of comforts and facilities within the budget. Luxurious hotels and resorts are also available here with world class facility. Hotels blended with tradition and culture is the speciality of this place for serving hospitality. Book in advance for having a perfect holiday at Hong Kong.

Transportation Inside Hong Kong

Being highly developed and establishing both private and public sophisticated transport network, Hong Kong’s inside commuting system has emerged in the most modern way. Whether it pedestrian or electronic, Hong Kong provides world class commuting facilities. Metros, tram ways, taxis, private cars are easily available here for easy and comfortable access throughout the city.