Top Tourist Places near Shanghai

Places to Visit Near Shanghai

One of the most predominant cities of China and the most populous city not only in China but also in the entire world, Shanghai is considered to be a paramount touristy destination and most loved and desired holiday spot almost amongst all living being. While in China, Shanghai is the first place that tourists love to come eagerly. There are a wide array of tourist attractions which provokes tourists to escape to this place.
Shanghai stands as the symbol of China’s meteoric rise in the modern world. The crucial worldwide financial center and also the busiest container among all, Shanghai offers an exhilarating view of high rise skyline buildings and also a journey to the predominant architectural work of some of China’s awe-inspiring sculpture and structure. Not only that but also Shanghai is a place of great cultural and historical significance which is almost about 2000 years old which attracts history freaks around the globe in large numbers.
Shanghai adopts both the modernity and traditionalistic flavours in its arms providing embracing access to both of them grow simultaneously. Whereas the Shanghai Tower, the Shanghai World Financial Centre, and the Jin Mao Tower show the excessive meteoric rise in the modern world, on the other hand, Shanghai warmly embrace the Lunghua Temple, the City God Temple and the Bund which are the symbol of culture and rich traditional background. Aptly Shanghai is a place of beautiful cultural fusion and evolved around its roots. Ancients temples besides spectacular modern buildings, Shanghai undoubtedly utters breath-taking fusion of ancient progress of values besides uninterrupted grows of modernity. Shanghai is unreasonably world’s top most cities and a beautiful place to experience once in a lifetime.

Places to See near Shanghai

The Bund

The Bund ShanghaiThe most popular and desirable tourist attraction while in Shanghai, is undoubtedly the Bund, an enthralling beauteous iconic waterfront area stretched over about 1 and a half kilometers along Huangpu River. Stands as the symbol of Shanghai, this awe-inspiring waterfront holds exhilarating and boosts the beauty of the spectacular high rise buildings of western architecture in a true sense. At night, it is hard for one to escape from the captivating beauty of the waterfront glittered with vibrant lights and colours.
This place also glorifies the different British styles like the Baroque, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Classicism. The area of the Bund contains 52 high rise buildings which today serves as an important business hub. The Bund is also the house of the statue of Chen Yi and the Monument to the People's Heroes which makes it the most worthwhile place to experience while in Shanghai.

People's Square

People's Square in ShanghaiIn the heart of the city of Shanghai, if you are looking for a large open space to have a walk and rejuvenate your mood, then most probably People’s Square is the place where one can have its own moments and space. The largest public square invites thousands of visitors every day to enjoy the some relaxing and peaceful time of its own. Other than that, this place is also an adobe to many crucial monuments and paramount buildings which magnify its beauty and charm.
On the contrary, the musical fountains and colourful ambiance add more charisma to this central plaza making it one of the paramount attraction of Shanghai. Undoubtedly, People’s Square is a very central and busy area of Shanghai and the most lovable place amongst tourists.

Yuyuan Garden

Yuyuan Garden ShanghaiOne of the most scenically beautiful, historically significant open garden in all Shanghai, the Yuyuan Garden or basically the Yu Garden is the symbol of all great happenings in past.  This 5- acre large beauteous garden turns historic every night. While roaming around the garden you will feel the essence of 16th century’s Ming Dynasty. This garden has emerged as one of Shanghai’s prime destinations because of its picturesque beauty.
The Yuyuan Garden is so beautifully engineered with pavilions, pillars, ponds, rockeries and halls that cannot get enough of its lovely panoramic view of the entire garden. Adorned with own ponds, Rockies, and pavilions, this place is must visit the spot to encounter with the natural and historical beauty of China.

Jade Buddha Temple

Jade Buddha Temple ShanghaiThe adobe of two stunning white jade Buddha statues of late 19th century,  The Jade Buddha Temple is Shanghai’s one of the most visited tourist attraction. Built in 1928, this temple has faced many destructions during the revolution. Among those two statues, both the statues portray Buddha in two different positions.
One of the positions depicts meditation and achieving enlightenment and is in sitting position whereas the other one is in reclined position which means death and final resting. Other than that, there are many other spectacular statues in the Grand hall inside the temple.

Oriental Pearl Tower

Oriental Pearl TowerOne of the tallest TV towers in the entire world, the Oriental Pearl Tower is a symbol of architectural greatness and magnificence. Almost about 468 meters high, this tower houses many interesting attractions which invite tourists in large number every year. Basically built as a TV tower, this pearl tower is now transferred into a quite tourist attraction witnessing a large number of tourist every respective year. Not only that, this tower is also home to many interesting activities to fascinate tourists including Space Module at 350 meters high and the Sightseeing floor at an exciting height of 263 meters.
There is also a revolving restaurant for having a perfect dinner with a perfect view. The lower larger sphere has the fascinating space city, the 5 smaller spheres are actually a hotel and a science fantasy city is located at the base of the tower.

Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum in Shanghai, ChinaOne of the top most modern museums unarguably in the entire world, the Shanghai Museum houses exclusive collections of ancient Chinese arts and culture. One of the paramount buildings situated inside the People's Square, this museum offers an enthralling collection of sculptures, ornament, paintings, calligraphy, coins, jades, ceramics, bronze and seals collected from different centuries and from the reigns of different dynasties.
This huge museum is divided into 11 galleries and 3 exhibition halls with the collection over 120000 pieces. This museum is the perfect place to understand and experience Chinese history and Culture.

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower in ShanghaiChina's tallest standing structure and the world’s second tallest structure, Shanghai Tower roars in the sky at a fascinating height of 632 meters. This tower comes second after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. This staggering and imposing tower was completed in 2015 making it open for public but not entirely.
Shanghai Tower is China's tallest standing structure, and the world's second tallest, soaring into the skies at a height of 632 meters. Only the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is taller than the Shanghai Tower. There are 128 floors of which public can access only to the building’s elevator system. In spite of this, this tower is a worthwhile visiting place. Because of its fascinating height, one can see the tower from any open space in the city.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium ShanghaiOne of the most fantastic and modern aquarium of China, the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium showcases an ample number of marine animals of all kinds from all over the world. The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium provides an experience of viewing the marine life animals in their natural inhabitant because of its long submarine tunnel. This place is perfect for kids and adults and for marine life lovers as well.
There are several zones of the aquarium like China Zone, America Zone, Africa Zone, Australia Zone, and Sea. Other than that, there is a special zone containing 300 species of animals with vast knowledge about their habitats. This place is so beautifully encompassed for global marine life. There is also a restaurant and a gift shop for tourists as well.

Longhua Temple

Longhua Temple ShanghaiOne of Shanghai’s largest and oldest temple, Longhua temple is a Buddhist temple on the street of its name. Rooted back to 242 AD, This historic temple is a now turned into a famous tourist attraction because of its stunning architecture and for other many interesting features. The central axis of the massive temple holds different figures of Lord Buddha and history related to him.

The 6th hall of this temple stores the three treasures of the temple, named as the Dazang sutras, the gold seals, and the Buddhist statues. A bell tower and a drum tower also can be seen here. Being 1700 years old, this temple has seen several wars and been recreated several times since its inception.

City God Temple

City God TempleOne of Shanghai's top attraction, The City God Temple has had a very rich and interesting history dating back to early 15th century. Now dedicated to three Chinese individuals who are today considered as city gods of Shanghai, the complex around the temple has now emerged as an important business area. This temple is termed auspicious and sacred by the locals and also a paramount touristy place. The temple complex also includes 9 palaces.

Cuisines to Try in Shanghai

Influenced by the Chinese cuisine, Shanghai offers an exclusive range of Chinese foods and delicacies. The single most famous cuisine in the world, you can have it all in Shanghai without feeling wasted. One can try famous original dumplings, seafood, and poultry. Steamed crab and the Pepper Duck is also very famous and popular among tourists as well. Other than that, there are many food joints and eateries including international giants like KFC, McDonald's, Domino's, and Pizza Hut and so on. There are so many things to have you will not feel spoilt at all in Shanghai.

Accommodation to Stay in Shanghai

Divided into 16 districts, each and every place of Shanghai offers own purpose and attractions. If you are planning to have a trip to Shanghai for the first time, staying in Huangpu District is the best option to relax and visit attracting places of the city. The Bund, the famous Nanjing Road, People's Square and also the Yuyuan Garden, all the attractions lie with the reachability of the district. There is an ample range of hotels and resorts within your budget.

Commuting Inside Shanghai

Commuting inside Shanghai would be rather difficult because of the heavy traffic jam. So ready to be patience and take a quality amount of time to roam around the city.