Tourist Places near Osaka

Best Places to Visit in Osaka

Unlike the neoteric city Tokyo and the traditional hub Kyoto, Osaka is Japan’s second most paramount city with its own unique characteristic. Whether it’s their unique Japanese dialect or ubiquitous charm, Osaka appears to be a delight for all types of people irrespective of their tastes. In spite of the large buildings and business hubs, Osaka never lacks in impressing the peace and nature thirsty soul inside you. While in Japan, Osaka is most probably the next most desired spot amongst tourists because of its eccentric nature.
Osaka is such a place that should not be judged by the way it appears. There is more and more underneath its cover to explore and experience. Though appears to be as an ordinary metropolitan city, but the large concrete buildings and busy professionals, large signs and bustling traffic does not define its beauty. The rich historical background and identical cultural essence provide something for everyone who come here for the first time. Starting from the Universal Studios, thousands pachinko machines and arcades or important cultural remnants and breath-taking riversides, Osaka has it all you may ever wanted. But above all tourists mostly prefer Osaka for having a perfect gastronomical experience.
While in Osaka, if you walk through the lanes, you will surely end up having mouthful of pungent sushi and other traditional Japanese dishes. On the other hand, Osaka is the city of happening nightlife which turns the city completely alive with vibrant lights and neon signs. If you want to experience the true Osaka flavours, then you must do it at night as it will give you an unforgettable experience with its street life, arcades, gaming centres and small lit up lanes and alleyways that is hard to forget.

Places to See in Osaka


Tennoji in OsakaIf you are looking for a place with bustling streets and happening nightlife, Tennoji is a place of varied wonder where you cannot get enough. The Abeno Harukas, Japan’s tallest skyscraper magnifies its overall beauty. Emerging at a fascinating height of 300 metres, this magnificent tower offers most awe-inspiring 360 degree view of entire Osaka from its beautiful observation desk. Located in central Osaka, this tower houses multiple shopping complexes, art museum, departmental stores, a wooden deck and a beautiful cafeteria.
Other than that, the Shitennoji Shrine is an exhilarating example of Japan’s impeccable traditional flavours. The Tennoji Park consists its own Art museum and Zoological Park. Another prime tourist attraction with gastronomical approach, the Shinsekai district is a unique sight to visit in Osaka.

Universal Studios in Osaka

Universal Studios in OsakaOne of the first ever built Universal Studios theme park in Asia, The Universal Studios of Osaka offers its own heaven for pop culture fanatics. The beautifully created studio is a fantastic destination for the whole family and friends. Divided into eight sections such as Hollywood, Jurassic Park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, New York, San Francisco, Amity Village, Universal Wonderland and Water-world, this park has a lot more to offer for all. Other than that, there are an ample range of rides, movie simulators and a whole vibrant range of different happening activities for children and adults.
Those who fascinates about Harry Potter franchise, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the perfect place for them. Besides all these attractions, an ample number of mascots can be seen roaming around the streets.

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle, JapanOne of the oldest Japanese structures ever survived from the war air raids, The Osaka Castle is an exemplary creation of architectural vision.  Created in 16th Century, this most beautiful remnant of Japanese history is truly an impressive work of traditional architecture. One can find an overwhelming set of gates, turrets, Citadels and a mesmerizing interior work of modern architecture. Nearby the castle, the Nishinomaru garden is another most beautiful place full of sprawling lawn enclosed approximately by 600 cherry trees.
There is also a viewing station and a guest house from where the castle can be seen magnificently. On the other hand, there is an important Japanese historical figure which attracts tourist from many places. You trip to Osaka will most probably be incomplete if not visited this epic cult classic castle.

Bunraku Theatre

If you want to have the true essence of Japan’s traditional beauty in Osaka, then most probably Bunraku Theatre is the place where you can enjoy traditional Japanese puppet show. The beautiful approach and storytelling of the show you take you to the cultural aesthetics of Japan over the centuries. Bunraku puppet theatre is the best way to indulge yourself in the beautiful Japanese culture originated from the roots over centuries. English audio translations and scripts are also available.


The adobe of Osaka’s bustling nightlife and nerve wrecking nightlife centre of Osaka, Minami or formally called Namba is the place where you must sneak out at night to have an applauding night moment. Neon bright street lights and cul-de-sacs poured with the lovely scent of Japanese street food and eateries, this place offers no dearth of dining and shopping opportunities. One must not forget to visit Dotonbori district, the most famous destination among tourists, to try out delectable food in an appealing colourful ambience.
Other than that, Shinsaibashi Arcade is the perfect place to shop your heart out with small indie boutiques and high-end fashion retailers. On the contrary, one of the most spectacular aquariums of Japan, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan located at a proximity to this place offers an exclusive range of life inhabiting the Pacific Rim in a well-organized and impressive way.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

One of Japan’s most stunningly beautiful aquarium consisting a breath-taking range of life inhabiting in Pacific Rim, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is the adobe of Marine life displayed in 15 tanks each representing a specific region of the Pacific Rim. The central tank or the Pacific Ocean rim showcases a whale shark which is the main attraction of the entire Aquarium. One can start their tour from top and slowly spiral down to the floor of the aquarium.
Some aquariums are so huge and vast that it is possible to observe the animals from different depths and perspectives. If you are interested in marine life and want to spend a day between them, this aquarium is perfect for you.

Local Food Must Try in Osaka

Every foodie’s paradise, Osaka is not missed by tourists because of its unique mouth-watering delicacies. The foods are here is an indispensable part of Osaka’s rich culture and one might keep on eating till they drop because of the pungent taste and variety. There are an ample number of small lit up streets which offers delectable Japanese cuisines. The largest Okonomiyaki in japan and Takoyaki, Kushikatsu will give a memorable experience.  The city of vibrant, economical and flavourful sushi, you will fall in love with its irresistible taste. Using of light heathy sauce and probability of ample variety of vegetables, food and seafood with budget will make you eat till you drop.

Other than that, the world’s famous Bento, a meal made of rice, vegetables, meat, egg rolls and fruits packed and cut inside a metal box into certain beautiful designs, are also available here. Datonbari area is perfect for having vibrant range of eateries and delicacies in a beautiful ambience with a perfectly reasonable price.  For the less adventurous, Osaka city station has many delectable restaurants.

Places to Stay in Osaka

If you are planning for Osaka, you do not have to worry about stayovers. Being a hot touristy place, there are an ample number of hotels, motels, resorts and rentable apartments available besides every attractive and touristy place that you can roam around the city’s main attractions without wasting much time. Those hotels are very reasonable and comfortable and comes within your budget while providing world class facilities.

But it is advisable to stay in Minami to have an access to all the hot happenings and central activities. Kita just a kilometre away from Osaka would be more ideal for tourists for temporary staying within a minor budget.

Commuting Inside Osaka

Being a business hub and neoteric city, the transportation system in Osaka is spread all over the city like a net. Wherever you go and whenever you go, you won’t have to face any kind of trouble because of transportation. Japan is known for its disciplines with timings and so its transportation system. There are a genuine number of subways, buses and railways options available throughout the city that you won’t be late for any place.

Other than that, buying a travel card in minor budget, you can visit through metro and bullet trains anytime of the day.