10 Top Tourist Places near Tokyo

Places to Visit in Tokyo

One of the most beauteous amalgamation of traditional old-fashioned manner and modern living, Tokyo is such a place which beauty lies in its tradition, high tech gadgets, adorable cartoon characters and an unblemished beautiful culture and heritage. In spite of being over-populated, this city will give a life changing memorable experience worth to remember. This highly advanced city, known for its discipline and punctuality, will make you go awe with astonishment with its advanced and world famous technologies. Tokyo is one of such place which values its culture and tradition the most and promotes it through different gestures. One will feel warm and embraced in Tokyo’s hospitality. This city though not one of the most beautiful one but has much more to teach and offer. Visiting Tokyo will change the way you look the different phrases of life.

Tokyo is not considered as one of the most happening city of Japan but this capital city will not leave a single stone unturned to amaze your soul and to create a whole another outlook and prospective about the world. Many tourists underestimate this beautiful city and leave this place unexplored. But Tokyo is so rich in culture, heritage and historical past that it cannot be explored in single journey. Visiting Tokyo may turn out to be one of the liveliest and loveliest experience you ever had in life.

Places to See in Tokyo

Cherry Blossoms Festival

Cherry Blossoms Festival in TokyoOne of the most authentic and auspicious festival of Tokyo, Cherry blossoms festival is the most fascinating and desirable sight that every living being come to witness with naked eyes. This pink blossom festival celebrated only once in a year to embrace the spring season as well as to bid goodbye to harsh winter.
Local as well visitors come here to witness the most over-whelming sight irrespective of time during this two weeks celebration. There are numerous parks and gardens that exhibits this appealing festival with a warmer and blessed message felt in the heart of the people. Alongside the Sumida River, one of the most attractive and sought place during Cherry Blossoms, a total of 100 plants were planted with a view to promote this goodwill festival.

Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market in TokyoThe world’s largest and busiest fish market, Tsukiji is one of most popular and interesting predawn destination among tourists to eye-witness the live tuna fish auctioning. You will feel rush in the air of the market created by the fast hour auctioning of the fishmongers. This is an ideal place to explore the complete whole sale fish market world.
This fish market may smell too fishy to some tourists. So they can visit the outer market of the Tsukiji which serves lip smacking variety of sushi and fresh sea foods. One can also purchase some exciting merchandise like sashimi knives and Japanese bowls etc..

Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine GuideUndoubtedly Tokyo’s one of the most divine and spiritual shrine, Meiji Shrine is a beautiful blend of traditional Japanese architecture and their love for nature. This temple was built on the commemoration of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. This holiest temple for all the Japanese people was reconstructed after the destruction of the 1945 firebombing. This is a pure and divine symbol of widespread peace and mankind love. A sense of eternal peace and solace can be felt inside the holy shrine.
The ground of this auspicious shrine is covered with dense forests which also houses many other attractions like Treasure Museum, Iris Garden, and Ki omasa’s Well etc. This place also very famous for holding many sacred ceremonies like traditional wedding and other religious celebrations.

Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park Tokyo, JapanThere are some interesting places in Tokyo that can be something just out of the box completely amusing you. Yoyogi Park is one of them which will provide you a lively experience. This park is such a place, perfect for comic relief with all sort of exciting fun activities. Cutesy cartoon and anime characters can also be seen in Harajuku Bridge roaming here and there.Yoyogi Park is something that defines Tokyo in a complete different way with kids wearing crazy outfits and playing cartoony characters. One can also catch up the latest trends and fashions apart from the tradition of Japan in this park.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower in JapanA replica of Paris’s Eiffel Tower, Tokyo tower stands as a major symbol of Tokyo. This magnificent tower gives an outstanding 360 degree panoramic view of the entire Tokyo city. One of the world’s tallest self-supporting tower, standing in a majestic way between the high-raised buildings is one of the world’s most popular and best known towers attracting a huge number of tourists every year to experience the soulful spectacular beauteous sight of the tower.Not only that, but also this tower serves as a great electrical waves transmitting device because of the height. The lights of the Tokyo Tower makes it suspending beautiful and a must sought spot to witness.

Cat Café, Nekorobi, Ikebukuro

Cat Café, Nekorobi, IkebukuroTokyo or Japan is famous for its love and affection for nature and all the living creatures in a most unique way that is unimaginable. Similarly, Tokyo’s Cat Café is such a place which will please and amuse all the pet and animal lovers around the world.For those who are passionate about cats and pet animals, Cat café is such a place that you need to visit. Completely occupied by cats, this is place where one can undoubtedly feel cosy, love and solely in a dimension of peace and tranquillity. While dipping into the hot coffees, one can also feel the warmth of tenderness in this café.

Yogoku Kokugikan

Yogoku Kokugikan in TokyoWhen you are in Tokyo, you trip will nearly be incomplete if you do not watch a live sumo wrestling. The tradition and actual flavours of Tokyo lies in Sumo and Ryogoku Kokugikan is the heartland to witness the spine-chilling Sumo of wrestlers. Ryogoku Kokugikan holds six professional sumo wrestling tournament each year which a person needs to watch once in his lifetime to experience the dynamic bang of the wrestling

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Shinjuku Gyoen National GardenAway from the hustle-bustle of the city lies one of the most popular spacious garden of Tokyo, Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden famous for its scenic luxuriant greenery beauty and peaceful tranquil ambience that prevails around the park.This oldest traditional Japanese garden is now turned into a bio-logical garden and is one of the wanted and desirable place during spring season because of the Cherry Blossoms. The colours of the tree leaves also changes with seasons which makes this garden more attractive.

Karaoke at Smash Hits

Karaoke at Smash Hits TokyoAfter Sushi and Sumo wrestling, Karaoke is the other most interesting and fun activity that makes Tokyo a unique destination to visit. The Japanese people may be conservation and does not like hurt the cultural values of their tradition but surely the way do party and hang out with friends set another goals for others.Their friendly yet party some attitude in Karaoke at Smash Hits creates a warm and jolly atmosphere. In Smash hits, the party goers have to choose a songs from the charts and sing loudly in front of the crowd with beautiful music and others can join them as well.

Sushi at Sukiyabashi Jiro

Sushi at Sukiyabashi JiroWhile you are in Japan, sushi is one of the foremost and desired thing that all must try. Without trying sushi, Japan tour would be incomplete. With fresh fishes brought from Tsukiji, is used to make the world’s best Sushi. Sukiyabashi Jiro is the paradise for Sushi lovers. This traditional food of Japan will make you fall in love with seafood again.

Shibuya Travel Guide

The most colourful, fashionable streets in Tokyo, Shibuya is one of the world’s busiest street crossing. That is the street which is famous for spine-chilling rush and never sleep nature. This exciting and colour place is a must place to visit.

Cuisines to try in Tokyo

A trip to Tokyo would be incomplete, if not tried the traditional Japanese flavours. The authentic cultural cuisine of Tokyo drives tourists to go on their knees. The vibrant variety and taste blended with traditional values will make your taste buds to crave for more. Sushi is the one of the foremost gastronomic food that is perhaps the most wanted and desired delicacies to dip into.

Other than that, there are ample variety of local culinary delights like Ramen, Tempura, Sashimi and other local cuisines that will make you trip Tokyo worth remembering.

Accommodation to Stay in Tokyo

Being a hot touristy place, Tokyo offers an ample range of lodging option with world class facilities. Unlike other cities of Japan, Tokyo offers an exclusive variety of hotels and resorts with all sort of luxury and comfort as per your budget. Though Japan embraces love and tradition a sense of warmth and nurture hospitality can be felt in Tokyo. Asakusa, Shinjuku are some of the best hotels in budget that one can try.

Transportation Inside Tokyo

Being Japan’s capital and one of the most advanced technological city in the world, Tokyo shares a spider like bullet train network across the country. The world’s longest and fastest bullet train runs through the heart of Japan.Other than that, there are several subway bus services operated by different mega companies. In Tokyo, no one has to ever face any type of commuting problem because of the well management system.