Places to Visit in Hampi

Hampi Travel Guide

The city of ruins and fascinating landscape, Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and second largest city in the world of that time. The ancient temples, forts and the enchanting bygone ruins make it one of the most tempting place that attracts thousands of tourist each year. This place is a treat to those who loves art and old fashioned architecture.

The mysterious ruins serves great place to explore the ancient temples and structure spread over a large area. Located on the banks of Tungabhadra River, hampi used to be the capital of Vijayanagar Empire. The city of ruins is house of many notable Hindu temples with some Vedanta theology. Massive, beautifully carved temples, especially the Virupaksha Temple, old aqueducts, canals and military barracks and stables make this place unique on its own way.

Since 1986 many initiative has been taken to maintain the stunning beauty of this place.

Places to See Hampi

Virupaksha Temple

Virupaksha Temple HampiDedicated to Lord Shiva, the Virupaksha temple is the most beautifully crafted temple in Hampi that will take you back to the 7th century. Known as Pampapathi temple, this ancient temple portrays the enthralling mythological stories. Apart from that, this temple also holds shrine for Virupaksha and Sage Vidyaranya. The Virupaksha temple’s shrine located on the bank of Tungabhadra River, is an important place among the devotees to worship Lord Shiva.

Vithala Temple

Vithala Temple in Hampi16th century temple, the Vithala temple is a classic example of impressive structure and rich architecture. The famous stone chariot stands as an iconic symbol of the Hampian’s architecture which is located inside the premises of this temple.
Spreaded over a huge area, the main gate of this temple has a splendid arch with carvings which opens at the famous stone chariot in the center. The main temple is located just behind the chariot which has beautiful carvings along with several other smaller temples. The carvings on the walls/pillars tell various stories of gods in different forms.

Elephant Stables

Elephant StablesDuring the Vijayanagar Empire, the elephant stable used to be the place to enclose the royal elephants. There are 11 domed chamber which was used that time to encircle them.

Lotus Palace

Lotus Palace in HampiLotus palace is a monument which stands as a significance of Hampi architecture because of its style and design near Zenana Enclosure. This comple was for the royal women and it derived that name because of the lotus like dome

Lakshmi Narasimha Temple

Lakshmi Narasimha Temple in HampiLakshmi Narasimha Temple showcases the largest figurine in Hampi. Dedicated to lord Narasimha, this temple worships the idol of Goddess Lakshmi. This temple features Narashima in sitting position with seven headed snake acting as a shelter to him.

This place is ideal for those who are interested in history and ancient architecture.

Cuisines Must Try

Hampi offers an exclusive platters of cuisines from across the world. Nestling on the both sides of the Tungabhadra River, the cafes and restaurants here serves all types of foods along with Italian and Israeli foods like pasta, lasagne, pizzas, lafa, shakshouka, and usual Indian food. 

Not only has that, the cafes offered very chill atmosphere with exotic view of the river and rice fields.


Hampi has a large variety of guest house and accommodation option near the market area of Virupaksha temple. Though these hotels and guest houses are very simple in nature and provide normal facilities, one can experience the real Hampi by staying in those hotels. Because of the high number of tourists, one need to book in advance during the peak season. 

Commuting Inside The City

Hampi is a place to explore by foot or by using bicycles. One can get a bicycle from Virupaksha temple on a very cheap price. But in some places where crowd is very high, it is better to walk through the lanes. Auto option is also available for those who do not want to walk or use a bicycle.