Best Places to Visit in Ponnani

Ponnani Travel Guide

One of the renowned and popular beaches of Kerala, Ponnani is a small beachy town full of enthralling beauty. Gracefully tucked by the Arabian Sea, Ponnani is acclaimed as ‘Mecca’ of India because of justified reasons. Occupied by majorly Muslim Community, this quaint mesmerizingly appealing place is an ideal amalgamation of Hindu and Muslim values and culture. Thus this place is significantly spellbinding and culturally rich. Muslim prime religious spot Jama Masjid can also be seen here being established in 925.
Apart from all the cultural significant, Ponnani is also an important fishing hub for majority of local people. Being enriched with plethora of flora and fauna species, watching numerous migratory and fancy birds is not a very rare sight mainly during the months of March and May. One can also spot the fascinating boat racing held every year on the river of Barathpuza.
Other than that, Ponnani is home to many famous and renowned artist and socio cultural personalities which makes it more attractive. Tourist in large number come this heavenly place each year to experience its extraordinary beauty.

Places to See Ponnani

Human Ath Mosque

Human Ath MosqueEstablished by Sheikh Zainuddin Makhdoom, Human Ath Mosque is considered to one of the most ancient mosque of Kerala. The biggest mosque amongst the 50 others, this mosque is an important spot for offering prayers. Makhdoom, the creator and great writer of early Muslim history of Kerala has also mention about this Mosque in his writings.

Thottungal Masjid

Thottungal MasjidOne of the most oldest and ancient temple of Kerala which is almost about 300 years old, Thottungal Masjid is an elegant mosque constructed with unconventional Style of architecture by Sheikh Faridudhin. The structure of this beautiful mosque is adorned with clay tiles and pitched roof in spite of using domes and minarets.Besides the beautiful crafting, one can also witness the building beautified mogapu and conventional ridges.

Thrikkavu Temple

Thrikkavu TempleDedicated to Shri Durga Bhagavath, Thrikkavu Temple, is a predominant pilgrim spot for Hindu community living in Kerala. This ancient temple is one of the 108 Durga Temples which was created by Parshurama. The presiding goddess is believed to grant wishes and thus visitors in large number come here to offer prayers. There are other temple as well enclosing the main temple.
During Navarati Mahotsavam, this entire lights up in joy and divinity. Even among students this temple is very important as they offer prayers here before starting of education.

Padinharekara Beach

Padinharekara BeachGlowing sand with Sky changing colours, one can see the most fascinating beach like beauty in the long stretched Padinharekara Beach. Situated near the tipu Sultan Road, this Beach offers exotic and stunning view of the Arabian Sea during sunrise and sunset. The majestic view from this place is worth appreciating.Other than that, the oldest fort of Kerala, Ponnani Fort located in the mouth of Bharathapuzha.

Bharathapuzha River

Bharathapuzha RiverApart from Arabian Sea, River Bharathapuzha at Ponnani Town, is another most beautiful sight of Kerala that one must visit. The area near the river is very rich in Flora and Fauna and a number of various living and natural species can be seen here.This place is also home to an ample number of Migratory and fascinating birds making it a hot place among bird lovers and ornithologists. At about a 25 variety of bird species can be seen here occasionally.

Ponnani Juma Masjid

Ponnani Juma MasjidConstructed by Muslim Spiritual Leader Zainudhin Makhdum, Ponnani Juma Masjid is an authentic significant religious centre for all Muslim Community of Kerala. Known as the Mecca of Kerala, this place also serves as the Islamic educational centre for Muslim Community. The structure of this mosque depicts the beauty of Keralan architecture.

Local Food in Ponnani

Being situated in Kerala, this town mainly serves dishes influenced by Keralan cuisine or South-Indian Cuisines. The food served here in pungently delicious and spicy. One can also try out the relaxing coconut water to have some ease in heat. Seafood here is also a mouth-watering delicacy to try while in Ponnani.

Places to Stay in Ponnani

There is an ample number of accommodation option available here from moderate to budget hotels. If you are planning for a trip to Ponnani, then you do not have to worry about stayovers. The hotels and resorts here provides all sorts of comforts and facilities with breath-taking view of the sea.

Commuting Inside Ponnani

Ponnani is the cheapest town when it comes to transportation and roaming around the places. Taxi is the most convenient and easiest mode of transportation inside Ponnani. Other than that, roaming around with foots is also easier.