Best Places to Visit in Trivandrum

Trivandrum Travel Guide

Located on the seven low hills of India’s Southern tip, Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala also formerly known as Thiruvananthapuram, is the place where spirituality and natural get emerged and create an overwhelming beauty worth appreciating. With ample number of divine temple surrounded by virgin beaches and unblemished greenery, this place once was justifiably called ‘evergreen city of India’.
Not only have that but also one can witnessed various historical structures, museums, palaces, parks and many attractive tourist centres. The biological temple is most probably the major element which fascinates the tourists more. The Shri Padmanabhaswamy temple, a structure which is almost 260 years old is the core of spirituality and tranquillity.

Places to See Trivandrum

Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple in TrivandrumOne of the most popular and vowed temple in Kerala, Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temple is an exemplary fusion of Keralan and Dravidian architectural style. Prominently dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Shree Padmanabhaswamy Temple also worships the tutelary deity of the royal family, Shree Padmanabhaswamy based on whom the name was given.
The sole followers and devotes mandatorily needs to wear a particular dress to enter into the temple gates. The major and biggest festival celebrated once in 6 years, is laksha deepam which basically means thousands of lamps. This unique and holy festival is thus followed by chanting of prayer and Veda Slogs which makes the atmosphere pure and spiritual.

The Kanakakunnu Palace

The Kanakakunnu Palace in TrivandrumAnother most priceless and mesmerizing work from the time of Travancore’s Monastery system, The Kanakakunnu palace is the adobe of plethora of cultural activities and events organized in name of culture and entertainment on the premises.

Neyyar Dam & Wildlife Sanctuary

Neyyar Dam & Wildlife SanctuaryLocated in Trivandrum, Neyyar Dam and Wildlife Sanctuary is for those who want to spend their weekend in the lap of nature. Famed for its Deer and Lion Safari, this place is a perfect treat for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiast.
Other than that, there is a crocodile farm and elephant rehabilitation spot in the core of the park. But it is advisable to better take a tour guide to have a quite knowledge about this place.

The Napier Museum

The Napier Museum in TrivandrumAcclaimed as one of the finer museum for an exemplary art work collection of sculptures, paintings and many musical instruments, the Napier Museum serves as a prominent touristy spot attracting numerous tourists each year. Built almost about 150 years ago, this museum still catches the breath of every visitors with its amazing architectural fineness setting in the heart of the town

Sri Chitra Art Gallery

Sri Chitra Art Gallery in TrivandrumIf you are looking for place in Trivandrum where you can actually appreciate the art and culture, Sri Chitra Art Gallery is the accurate place for you. This gallery portrays the famous artistic work of Raja Ravi Verma. This paintings in this art gallery beautifully depict the Indian lives with western form and style of paintings. Other than that, there are also many art work from the Mughal and Rajput Century.

Poovar Island

Poovar Island in TrivandrumOne of the most attractive and appreciable tourist destination near and around Kerala is Poovar Island which is exquisitely high in holding beautiful pristine beaches away from the hustle bustle of the city. This small peaceful place is worth a visit to experience the calmness and solitudeness of Mother Nature. Virgin rivers, lakes, sea and beaches all together creates a wonder of nature.

Apart from that, Poovar is also famous for its small fishing islands and lush green coconut trees spread on the both sides. This as a whole create an awe-inspiring weekend destination to you can feel ultimate peace.

Agastya Mala Peak

Agastya Mala Peak in TrivandrumTrivandrum has it all that you are looking for a complete weekend destination. Apart from all the beaches and temples and wildlife, at a proximity to Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary lies Agastya Mala Peak or formerly called Agastyarkoodam at an altitude of 1868 metres.

In this peak, one can spot the life sized statue of Lord Agastya who used to be a Hindu Sage. The fascinating height and exhilarating view make an ultimate trekking goal for all adventure enthusiasts.

Cuisines Must Try

Though the variety of cuisines and foods almost stay constant and revolves around typical traditional staple diet in and around Kerala, but that is the uniqueness of Kerala. Thoran, a dry mix of vegetables mixed with coconuts, potato and onion soup and Kalaan are the speciality of Kalaan and are the must try ones. The hugely popular snacks in Kerala is Banana Chips which plays an important part in its cuisine.The non-veg foods like seafood, beefs in Trivandrum is also very popular among tourist as well.

Accommodation to Stay

Being a hot touristy spot, Hotels and resorts are available here in ample numbers as per one’s budget.

Commuting Inside The City

In Trivandrum, all sort of transportation options are easily available with your range. Other than that, one can also hire or borrow mo-bikes, scooters, bicycles and cars to have a better experience of the city of your own.