Top Places to Visit in Amboli

Amboli Tourism Guide

Lying on the Sahyadri hills of Maharashtra, Amboli is considered to be the last hill destination of Maharashtra. From this point, the plains of Goa start to begin.

This rain porn area is a relatively unexplored one and because of the heavy rain falls the atmosphere remains pleasant throughout the year. This place is great for a short sneak out from the hustle bustle of the city. 

Places to See in Amboli

Amboli Falls

Amboli FallsLies in the Sahayadri Hills of Western India, Amboli falls is one of the most attracting waterfall with a variety of fairly unusual flora and fauna. Every monsoon this place becomes a prime place among the tourist when the water gushes in plenty. This place is not much touched by the man kind because of that it remains quiet, unpolluted.

Shirgaonkar Point

Shirgaonkar Point AmboliSituated about 3 km. from the Main Bus stop, The Shirgaonkar Point provides the beautiful panoramic view of the valley. This place looks more enchanting during monsoons.

Hiranya Keshi Temple

Hiranya Keshi Temple AmboliBuilt around the caves of Hiranya Keshi River, this temple and the caves around this temple is great for adventure. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvati. Situated 5 km from the Main Bus stop, this place provides all new experience to the adventure seekers

Nangarta Falls

Nangarta Falls AmboliSituated 10km away from Amboli, Nangarta Falls is a narrow gorge which gives breath taking view of waterfall with scenic greenery view. The water falls on the ground from a fascinating height of 40ft. During monsoons, the water falls is not hard to miss.

Sunset Point

Sunset Point in AmboliLocated just a few kilometres away from the bus, the sunset point is one of the prettiest place which provides a picturesque view of the sunset through the valleys.

Cuisines of Amboli

Malvani food is the speciality of local foods here which consists of curries and fries with spicy flavours. As this place is very close to Goa and Konkan, one can also try the Konkan styled fishes and Kokum Juice which is best to have in summers to refresh yourself.

Accomodation in Amboli

Affordable and medium priced are available near the Amboli bus stop which provides decent services.

Commuting Inside The Amboli

One can easily find lots of buses, taxis and autos available here with sharing facilities.