Places to Visit in Bhimashankar

Bhimashankar Travel Guide

The adobe of one of the twelve stereotype ‘Jyotilingam’ shrines, dedicated to Lord Shiva, Bhimashankar is a well-known pilgrim spot among the Indian devotees. Located at a proximity to both Mumbai and Pune in a small village called Bhorgiri, in the Sahyadri Range, Bhimashankar is an appealing hilly place nesting at a height of 3250 feet.

Embedded with thick green rain forests and misty hilly landscapes, this place also carries strong mythological significance. Appraised as the holies place in the country, Bhimashankar also serves great trekking spot. Every year thousands of tourist come here to indulge themselves into the complete serenity and also to visit the wildlife sanctuary situated next to it.

Places to See Bhimashankar

Bhimashankar Temple

Bhimashankar Temple Near MumbaiLocated 50 km northwest to Khed, Bhimashankar temple is considered to be most spiritual place dedicated to Lord Shiva. The house of one of the jyotilinga among the most famous 12th jyotilinga spread all over the country. Due to the emergence of the newly built wildlife sanctuary, this temple has gained excess popularity among the devotees as well as the flora and fauna lovers.

During Mahashivaratri, the devotees go merry in complete reverence and worship the Lord Shiva. One can also spot the holy shrine of hima Shankar resting on the top of Bhima Shankar mountain. The atmosphere stays preferable along with the whole year. The dense lush green forest is known for rich medicine herbs used as medicines.

Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary, MumbaiNestling in the Western Ghats of the misty mountain ranges, Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary is a place of ecological importance. This wildlife sanctuary houses vibrant range of Flora and fauna. Being a rain prone area, this pace is completely covered with evergreen moist and dry deciduous forest expanded on eastern and western slopes. The faunas, on the contrary embrace many endemic species of Malabar giant squirrel, Shield tail snakes. This place is also rich in Avifauna category providing precious rare Birds sites.

Apart from that, there are ample medicine herbs available in this forest with paramount medical usage. Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary also provides gateway to the famous divine Bhimashankar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Hanuman Lake

Hanuman Lake in BhimashankarLocated at a slightest distance from Bhimashankar, yet a bit strenuous to climb, Hanuman Lake is an awe-inspiring scenic spot perfect for picnic and spending some time with friends and families.This lake also provides various exquisite site of vibrant flora and fauna. Because of that, one can prefer packed foods to take there to enjoy some time in complete natural beauty and indulge oneself into many games and Frisbees. Though this place is difficult to climb but this place worth it.


Trekking in BhimashankarBecause of the fascinating height, Bhimashankar Wildlife sanctuary and Hanuman Temple provides exciting spots for trekking and other adventurous activity. Beautiful natural ambiance and vibrant range of flora and fauna creates enchanting sight that will give you a memorable trekking experience. One can also spot Giant Indian squirrel as well as other exciting animals while trekking to the top. Starting from Khandas Village, the trekking way goes through the forest and one can also spot a water sculpted Shivalinga under a waterfall near Gupt Bhimashankar.

Cuisines Must Try

Being situated at a proximity to Mumbai, Bhimashankar offers foods and cuisines which are primarily dominated by Maharashtrian flavours and spices. One can also spot slight blend of south and north Indian cuisines and other local spicy curries and fries. One must not forget to try

Misal, a unique kind of spicy food prepared with potatoes, peas and other sprouts. Above all, Bhimashankar gives lip smacking cuisine experience which is worth appreciating.

Accommodation in Bhimashankar

As Bhimashankar is located at a proximity to Mumbai and Pune, it is possible to return within similar day. But those who are willing to stay overnight, there are many temporary huts and dharamshalas are available near the temple area.

One can avail those place at a minor cost. Other than that, there are ample luxurious options are also available offering comfortable facilities.

Commuting Inside Bhimashankar

If you are looking for a perfect picnic destination, Bhimashankar is such a place located within your reach where you can sneak out for a day with your friends and families with packed foods and snacks. You can drive away to that place with your own vehicle most easily and conveniently.

Other than that, various state transports are also available from Mumbai, Pune and Karjat to roam around the place. Rickshaws are also comparatively cheap and comfortable option for Bhimashankar.