Best Palces to Visit In Gir

Gir Travel Guide

The only remaining adobe of fancy but rare Asiatic Lions, Gir holds a royal significance among the other forests in India.  The home of the Asia’s grand animal is considered to be only definition to perfectly define Gir National Park. The roars of these fancy animals will create a chill in your spines. Visiting this place will create a life changing memorable experience that is worth remembering.

This national park is not only preserve this rare animals but also holds great significance in preserving and sustaining those extinct species. Started by the Nawab of Junagarh, this preservation process is now maintained under government’s observation. Apart from the Asiatic Lions, One can also get exciting and enthusiastic look of other rare animals and birds. Leopards, sloth bears, jungle cats, hyenas, eagles can easily be found here.

Things to Do In Gir


Sightseeing GirBeing a happening spot for Asiatic Lions, there is not much things to do in Gir except enjoying the fancy animals. Gir is home to around 411 Asiatic lions and 2375 other species of fauna and other huge range of exciting animals.If you are interested in observing the fauna lifestyle, this national park will give you its best. Leopard, deer, hyena, sambar deer and other animals can easily be seen here.

Cuisines Must Try

Apart from providing thrilling adventure and excitement, Gir has a large platter full of various diverse cuisines to offer you. Being a part of Gujrat, typical Guajarati food also can be found here. Prototypical veg thali and other veg curries are the flavours and speciality of Gujrat.Being a dry state, alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited here.

Accommodation in Gir

There are ample range of resorts, hotels and lodges available here with prime and comfortable facilities.

Commuting Inside The Gir Park

Vehicles or safaris are available to roam inside the park with a minor entry fee.

Vehicle charge: 400 per person

Contact Tel: 02877 285541(the Forest Dept. at Sasan Gir)