Top Tourist Places near Daman

Places to Visit in Daman

Enclosed with Gujrat, Maharashtra and Arabian Sea, Daman is one of the most fascinating place among youngsters widely popular for its cool beaches, greenery, scenic natural beauty and easy availability of cheap liquor. Daman is also the most enthralling destination from Mumbai and Gujrat at a proximity.

This beautiful little city is so rich in culture and tradition that is 2000 years old which will take you back to the past with slightest tint of colours of enjoyment, simplicity and festivity. The exciting beaches with natural beauty blended with fun and enjoyment, Daman offers exclusive range of leather products, exquisite brands of liquor and handicraft items.

Places to See Daman

Devka Beach

Devka Beach in DamanThe pure natural beauty with slightest touch of tranquillity and quietness, Devka beach is a true treasure for those who are looking for a peaceful weekend in a beach. This place too enormous, spellbinding to attract tourist in large numbers. There is also an amusement park with huge fountains and plethora of fun activity for all.

Cathedral of Bom Jesus

Cathedral of Bom Jesus in DamanBeing connected strongly with the Portuguese, Daman has many Christian worshiped place. Cathedral of Bom Jesus is one among those religious monuments. This Holy place was built in 1603 and one of the most beautiful architectural structure of that time. The astounding design, flawless architecture and undefined craftsmanship portrays the true Portuguese passion. This religious monument is undoubtedly a treat to eyes.


 Lighthouse in DamanOne of the major magnificent landmark of Daman and Diu is the Lighthouse. The mesmerizing and remarkable view of sunset from this lighthouse will so spell binding that it will please your eyes and make an imprint on your mind. Standing tall into the beach of Daman, one can experience the unbelievable sea texture with naked eyes.

Mirasol Lake Garden

Mirasol Lake Garden In DamanThronged by beautiful lakes and two islands connected through a bridge, Mirasol Lake garden, a man made marble is among the most tranquil and undisturbed place of Daman.Famous for its balminess, this place also offers other charming spots like boat riding and fountains etc. the beauty of this garden attracts the picnickers in large numbers. This place is also best for shooting also.

St Jerome Fort

St Jerome Fort DamanThe most conspicuous part of Daman is St. Jerome Fort, famously known as Nani Daman Fort. The magnanimous gateway of the fort facing the sea adds extra charm to this place. Inside this huge fort, there is an enormous statue of St. Jerome, one of the most significant fathers of Catholic Church.
Other interesting attractions consist ‘Our lady of the Sea’ and ‘Jain Temple’. As a whole, this fort gives complete view of the surrounding with magnificent details which attracts tourists in a large scale

Gomptimata Beach

Gomptimata Beach in DamanIn the village of Vanakbara, the western end of Diu, Gomptimata beach is considered to be one of the prime beaches to visit. With natural white sand and calm enchanting ambience, Gomptimata provides exotic atmosphere to relax your soul and rejuvenate your mood. One can also find a temple situated nearer to the beach.

Cuisines Must Try

Being a sea beach and situating at a proximity to two major states, Gujrat and Maharashtra, Daman is a place where one can enjoy both veg as well as non-veg foods. One can see a subtle hints of Gujarati and Parsee flavours in the foods here.

The sea food is one of the most splendid dish which brings out the traditional culture of Daman. The street foods are also must try one. All the restaurants here provides foods with exotic sea view.

Accomodation to Stay Daman

Being enclosed by sea from all sides, Daman offers exotic range of hotels and resorts facing the sea. During summers, the weather gets humid and muggy, thus air conditioner is needed. During peak season as the rush goes high, advance booking is advisable.

Transportation in Daman

Auto rickshaws are the only means of travelling inside the city, as this place is so small.