Tourist Places near Bangkok

Places to Visit in Bangkok

From royal architectural extravaganza to breath-taking flamboyant beauty, Bangkok has it all to make a remarkable holiday destination. Bangkok is an exemplary amalgamation of spirituality and dynamic night-life. The spell-binding extraordinary charm of the city grabs tourists’ attention and amuses their eyes. The cultural heritage of Bangkok is another most significant element that makes the city immaterially appealing. A sense of immortal solace and consolation prevails in the air of that Bangkok which makes it uniquely different. Buddhist styled architectural building and gold- stone statues magnifies the beauty of this city in real sense.

 Other than that, the vibrant range of natural species and allure like wildlife, lush green landscape make tourists to blend with it. The Elephant Museum, the Crocodile Park, Siam Ocean World are such places where you can witness those fancy flora and fauna as well as oceatic species in their natural habitat.  The night life of Bangkok turns out to be whole other different. Away from the spirituality and tranquillity, one can feel their hearts beating faster with the chilling and exotic nights of Bangkok. Foods, night shows and cultural shows, Bangkok will set another level of fascinating night life.

Moreover, In Bangkok one can still behold the illustrious past that once Bangkok has witnessed along with the grandeur and glory blessed by the modern times. From colourful markets to divine temples, Bangkok tells its intriguing story in its own unique way.

Places to See in Bangkok

Royal Thai Elephant Museum

Royal Thai Elephant Museum in BangkokLike other Thai cities, Bangkok is a place where white elephants stands as a national symbol and monarchic property. Considered as a symbol of wealth and honour, The Royal Thai Elephant Museum acts as a reservoir to preserve this beautiful royal creatures. The used to be stable, the ground of the Dusit Palace has now turned into a live museum to showcase the beauty of the white elephants in complete royal elegance besides other regal art crafts.Apart from that, the awe-inspiring display of one of the longest elephant tusks which is almost about 290 cm long, believed to be belonged to White elephants is another most sought sight to witness.

Siam Ocean World

Siam Ocean World BangkokOne of the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia, Siam Ocean World is a live aquarium where you can observe the fascinating oceatic creatures’ beauty with naked eyes. This live reservoir has more than 400 species of fishes, crustaceans, sharks and even penguins. This underground oceatic world portraying aquatic creatures is a place which will give you an ultimate adventure destination.On the other hand, with proper diving license, one can also dive in between the aquatic sharks and other marine mammals and experience a breath-taking diving experience.

Wat Mangkon Kamalawat

Wat Mangkon Kamalawat in BangkokConsidered to be one of the most significant and sumptuous Chinese Buddhist temple in Bangkok, Wat Mangkon Kamalawat or commonly known as Dragon Lotus Temple is a landmark of divine spirituality and tranquillity since an era. Numerous festival celebrations like Chinese New Year and Chinese vegetarian Festival are organized in the heart of this temple. The flawless architectural style of this epic temple portrays the most common and auspicious designs of Chinese architecture which is using of Chinese dragons.

Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho

Reclining Buddha at Wat PhoOne of the most magnificent wonder in the most amazed city in the world, the reclining Buddha at Wat Pho is the most incredible sight that every living soul must visit. The marvellous sight if the largest reclining of Buddha is so spectacular that every year tourists come here in large number.Wat Pho is used to be a centre for public education which now turned into a live compendium of Buddha’s images and statues. This temple is also very famous for traditional Thai medicines and Thai massages.

Grand Palace and Wat Prakeaw

Stunning architectural work with fiddly detailing, Grand Palace glorifies the explicit heritage beauty of the most awe-inspiring country. Politically significant, this Grand Palace houses the Thai King also.  The intricate beauty with elegant charm and spectacular view, this palace stands as a landmark of Bangkok. The walls and flawless design of this palace still tell the honourable stories of past.The Wat Phra Kaew or the temple of Emerald Buddha located within the Palace ground is considered to be one of the most significant and spiritually important temple of Thailand. Dedicated to Lord Buddha, this temple beautifully portrays the Emerald Image of Buddha carved in a single block of jade.

Golden Buddha of Wat Traimit

Golden Buddha of Wat Traimit3 m tall, 5.5 tonne solid intricate flawless gold image of Buddha of Wat Traimit is one of the most wondrous beauty and symbol of Bangkok that makes every living creature visiting this place surely come to Wat Traimit. Designed following the Sukhothai style, this temple does not cease to leave the tourists in awe.Discovered almost about 40 years earlier, the impeccable marble structure of Wat Traimit which houses the exemplary Golden Buddha statue will also take you the historical events of constructing this beauty through its exhibition house. Beholding its charm and allure since 13th century, this temple also holds a multimedia exhibition about the inhabitants of Chinatown of Bangkok and about the place also.

Floating market of Bangkok

Floating market of BangkokOne of the most unique and interesting sight in Bangkok that attracts every tourists who come to this place for the first time, the Floating market of Bangkok is a distinctive shopping area where sellers use traditional boats to sell vibrant range of tropical fruits, vegetables, coconut juice and some local foods cooked over those floating boats. There are ample number of floating markets that can be seen in Bangkok starting from early morning to noon. Those floating markets holds a colourful appealing sight that which is perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Chatchak Market

Chatchak Market in BangkokBangkok is called shopper’s paradise for a reason. When it comes to shop till you drop, Chatchak market tops among them all. One of the popular wholesalers and traders market in Bangkok, this market is a landmark of vibrant and diverse collection of merchandise. Shoppers and traders around the place come to this place to buy and sell some seasonal stuffs. This market is surely the place which brings all the shopaholics to their knees and also drive them crazy with the vibrant and colourful shopping stuffs available throughout the year. Tourist from all over the world undoubtedly come to this place on their trip to Bangkok.

Bangkok’s Chinatown

Bangkok’s Chinatown Market in BangkokOne of the most exotic, colourful and fascinating place of Bangkok is undoubtedly the Chinatown where one can experience the most fancy and exciting night life of Bangkok. Entering through the Chinese gates will give you a whole another world experience which will make your Bangkok visit worth to remember.Other than that, the vibrant range of street food available in Chinatown is another sought element to visit this place. Chinatown is also very famous for its stunning Chinese styled temples, exotic street foods and plenty range of shopping options available.

Cuisines to Try in Bangkok

In spite of being a relatively small country, in Bangkok one can find diversity in its foods and cuisines. Thai influenced restaurant and cuisines has an ample range of eatery options to try. Being closely associated with Chinese, noodles and other Chinese foods are easily available in the markets. Other than that, one can also find Muslim influenced meat and dried spice based cuisines.

Abundant availability of mouth sweetening items shows that Bangkok people are very much into sweets and delicacies. On the other hand, lying at a proximity to sea adds an exclusive range of seafood variety that are in the list of must haves while being in Bangkok. Freshwater fish, pork, coconut milk and palm sugar are some of the common ingredients to be used in Bangkok’s cuisines. Other than that, the most significant features of Bangkok’s cuisines are the royal sophisticated and refined Thai dishes of 300 years old.

Accommodation to Stay in Bangkok

Being one of the most popular and desirable destination, Bangkok has an exemplary range of luxurious hotels and resorts available depending on your choice. Those hotels and resorts will provide you all the possible comforts and facilities as per your expectation. The Ploenchit and Chidlom area hotels with make you feel at luxury with high end buildings and facilities.

Other than that the epicentres of Bangkok’s pulsating night life and happenings, Khao San and Silom are the best place for that with caters range of budget. If one wants to experience the old heritage and culture of Bangkok, hotels near the river sides are the best options as they are closely linked with the religious and cultural places of Bangkok.

Commuting Inside Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the place where traffic can be terrific. If you are new to this place and do not have much idea about the place then you can easily be trapped into the traffic. It’s better to use proper guidance and GPS system to avoid these jams which eventually may waste your ample amount of time.

 The sky train (BTS) and underground (MRT) rail system are the best mode of travelling inside Bangkok. Other than that, river boats and taxis also can be used to explore historical and religious places. Tuk-tuks are the traditional and most comfortable mode of commuting inside Bangkok and a worth ride to experience.