Tourist Places near Chiang Mai

Places to Visit in Chiang Mai

The cultural and spiritual destination of Thailand, Chiang Mai unfolds an unexperienced and unprepared set of blissfulness and activities that are hard to find somewhere else in the world. Away from the madness of Bangkok, Chiang will make your soul relax and rejuvenate in true sense. The former seat of Lanna Kingdom, Chiang Mai is a bliss from heaven. Ancient intricate temples, intimate natural feelings is all you need make you laid back and relax in the lap of nature. Nested in the forested foothills, this natural capital of Thailand is an ideal amalgamation of modernity and ancient monastery flavours. There are limitless possibilities to explore in Chiang which will make your holiday worth to count. The captivating energy of Chiang beholds the spiritual awakening and trekking adventure keeda inside you. Chiang Mai has plenty of cultural and traditional things to offer you.

After the chaotic spines-running activities in Bangkok, Chiang is the place where you can relax in an overwhelming atmosphere besides mesmerizing rain forests, pristine waterfalls, bubbling hot spring and peaceful country villages. This place is so unique on its own way and has so much to discover which will make your holiday a memorable and appealing one. Chiang also will make you explore the beauty hidden underneath the natural perfection and also understand and learn about the hidden mountainous communities and fancy animals living deep into the mountains.      

Places to See in Chiang Mai

Wat Prathat Doi Suthep

Wat Prathat Doi SuthepOne of the most sought and popular destination while in Chiang, located on the mountainous range is undoubtedly the old ancient intricate temple, Wat Prathat Doi Suthep. Dedicated to Lord Buddha, this mountain top temple is one of the attractive and must visit destination amongst tourists. The hike to reach this place fascinates the tourists most. One can simple reach there by renting or borrowing a mountain bike or motor bike through the lush green vegetation of hilly roads. Climbing a step of staircases, one can witness the eternal flawless beauty of this shrine. The structure and design of this temple signifies the unblemished architectural and artistic work of the ancient times.
There is also a small museum in the temple premises which showcases different statues of Buddha in the Chiang Mai and Sukhothai style. Beware and prepared for all sorts of difficulties, if you are planning to visit this temple while in Chiang Mai.

Doi Pui

Doi Pui in Chiang MaiOne of the most authentic naturally beautiful tourist oriented destination in the most mesmerizing soulful city of Thailand, Doi Pui is considered to be an exhibition of traditional hill tribe nourished in a small Hmong village. This small tribal group carries the information about history and tell the stories about their past generations in Thai mountains. One can also try out the ethnic traditional dresses available in the small shops to feel the essence of that place. Other than that, to give it more touristy look, one can also purchase some wooden textiles, handmade jewellery, tea and other fancy merchandises.
This small village is very rich in vibrant range of flora species and leafy vegetation that can be seen below the village and gives a breath-taking sight to awe-inspire. One must drive through the green mountains a little further to reach at this place.

Doi Inthanon

Doi Inthanon Chiang MaiConsidered to be one of the highest peak of Chiang Mai and the national park of Chiang Mai, located in the amidst of some of the natural wonders, Doi Inthanon could be the next most desired destination of your Chiang trip. Unapologetically this place will grab your attention in the first place. This park is also very popular for adventurous activities like trekking, mount climbing, hiking.
Other than that, there are two important pagodas built on the memorandum of King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit alongside the hilly tribal village and several beautiful waterfalls. Borrowing or hiring a mount bike, one can explore the place of their own.

Wat Chedi Luang

Wat Chedi LuangChiang Mai or Thailand is generally is a place where finding historical ruins and razed sites are not matter of fact. There are many places in Thailand where these types of sights can easily be found. Wat Chedi Luang is one of such place which is generously beautiful for its historical ruins and haunting sites. Devastated by an earthquake, this ancient structure is still a remarkable sight to adore with magnificence.
The massive elephant carving, huge gum tree at the entrance makes tourists delighted in awe. This place also holds many auspicious ritualistic believes and certainly a worth sight to visit.

Wat Prasingh

Wat Prasingh Chiang MaiIn the heart of the Old city lies one of the most sacred shrine built during the King San Muang Ma reign to honour his father, Wat Prasingh. The ashes of his father is still buried underneath the ground. Because of the easy availability and convenience, this divine temple is the most visited and happening place in Chiang. The largest Wat of its kind in the entire city, Wat Prasingh is an impressive work of architecture and intricate structure. The spectacular design of this private Wat will give a whole another destination to spend some moment in complete peace and tranquillity. Built on the fond memory of Phra Singh Buddha, this Wat beautifully portrays the Sukhothai style figure of their god.

As per the tradition, the Buddha inside the Wat is posed in the familiar ‘calling the earth to witness’. The nearby market of this sacred shrine is also a worth place to visit.

Sunday Walking Street

Sunday Walking StreetIf you are looking for a place while in Chiang where you can grab some mouth-watering pungent street delicacies, Sunday Walking Street must be your next such spot. Colourful streets, luscious eating joints and an exciting range of shopping corners will give you an ultimate street grub in every occasion. One of the most crowded eating joint and shopping destination, this Sunday Walking Street will not cease to amaze you. Shopaholics find this place more interesting because of the whole new fascinating range of handcrafted lamps, soaps, jewellery, clothes, Christmas ornaments, dolls. Other that than, on the courtyard, one can find multiple number of local food stalls providing lip smacking range Thai, Japanese, Chinese cuisines offering curry, sushi, samosa, fried banana, dumplings.
Visiting this place needs patience and time as thronging and browsing can be really slowly. The Saturday walking street market is less crowded and take less time and mainly managed by the local hill tribe community.

Elephant Nature Park

Elephant Nature Park Chiang MaiThere are many elephant camps and parks in and around Chiang Mai but not in a synchronized manner and also not in a well-managed condition. In most of the elephant camps and parks, animals are treated in ill manner and also make them overwork. All those such parks are criticized for their ill managements regarding those rare animals. Elephant Nature Park is one of such place where one can spot fascinating big Asiatic elephants and one can also feed them bath them as well as can volunteer in managing and helping those animals. The rescued animals are brought this Nature Park and thus nourish them and help them gently and respectfully.
Spending a day in this Nature Park will undoubtedly be a life changing memorable experience and one may end up having a closure with this wild animals in natural habitat. This place is best learn about those animals and their behaviours and plight rules.

Huay Tung Tao

Huay Tung TaoWhile in Chiang Mai, when you are looking for a place where you can spend a quality of your time in complete peace and rejuvenation, Huay Tung Tao is most probably is the place where you can laze around for almost entire day without being bored. This beautiful destination is surrounded by quaint hills and breath-taking view and mesmerizing water bodies in the most exotic way. It is hard to escape from the enchanting beauty of this place.
The captivating charm will keep you engage with nature. There are also multiple food and eating joints which won’t you stay hungry. This place is perfect day trip for relaxing and refreshing your mood in the lap of the Mother Nature.

Eakachai Houseboat at Mae Ngat Dam

Eakachai Houseboat at Mae Ngat DamIf you have been to Huay Tung Tao and find this place interesting one, then you must have not seen the floating houses of Mae Ngat Dam. After rejuvenating for a moment in relax quite atmosphere of Huay Tung Tao, the next destination you must sought for is unapologetically will be the floating houses of Mae Ngat Dam.
By booking a boat one can reach to those houses easily with the help of someone. Those floating houses looks more gorgeous underneath the shinning sun which gives it a stunning beauty to admire. At night you can have dinner while enjoying music and singing in those houses.

The Night Bazaar

The Night Bazaar Chiang MaiOne of the most visited touristy destination and favourite shopping spot for among all, the Night Bazaar of Chiang Mai is a worth sight to visit at night rather than rolling around your bed. This night market will undoubtedly be a treat to eyes. Colourful streets with bright lights and a range of exotic range vibrant merchandise will surely make your night worth remembering. Shopaholics all around the place will going to love this place because of the brilliant stuffs available there to buy.
From clothes and scarves to carvings and housewares, one must prepare for some haggling.  Other than that Muay Thai Boxing Fight is also an exciting element to stay in Chiang Mai.

Cuisines to Try in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a place where one can try out delicious Thai Cuisines and preparation so grandly and so cheaply. This northern Thai City is a paradise for food lovers. This place is full of hidden treasures when it comes to surprise you with its luscious foods and spices. The glorious barbeque aroma of Mu Ping and Chiang Mai’s signature dish Sai ua both are dishes will make your stomach crave for more.  Khao kha mu, a stewed pork knuckle over rice, served mostly with a boiled egg, raw garlic, pickled mustard greens and chilly vinegar is the perfect one-plate meal that you are going to love from the core. Other than that, involvement of traditional Thai flavours in most of dishes is the most beautiful gleeful fusion with climate, landscape and character.

If you are looking for some pungent lip smacking barbeque non veg dishes then Kai Yang stunningly prepared with Cherng Doi and SP Chicke will give you a tender experience. Even the street restaurants are also open with no doors and windows serving the best Thailand foods in entire Chiang Mai. One should try out the exotic range of dishes available on the streets as all wonderful things happens here in streets.

Accommodation to Stay in Chiang Mai

The best places to stay in Chiang Mai, is undoubtedly the old city where one can explore and enjoy the hidden untouched beauty of the Thailand city. This city is so beauteously confined that it is better to discover the antique stores, cafes, ancient restaurants on foot. In the old city, one can also enjoy the rushing activity of the Night Bazaar market. There are also multiple numbers of luxury hotels with proper top class facilities and comfort in Chiang Mai. Most of hotels are designed in colonial style and in tranquil location with easy and convenient access to other popular attractions. Other than that, numerous mid-range and budget hotels also can be found easily with a manageable distance from all the great attraction of the city.   

Commuting Inside The City in Chiang Mai

There is lot to see Chiang Mai especially during hot seasons because of the pleasant atmosphere. Thanks to the convenient travelling system, one can easily roam around the desired locations. In Chiang Mai, you may notice a large number of songthaews available throughout the city and offer convenient and reliable traversing option. They are also known as red cars and one of the most popular and cheapest four wheeler option in Chiang Mai.