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Places to Visit in Pattaya

If you are looking for a place where you can have scores of bustling nightlife excitement, enthralling spine-chilling activities and beguiling range of attraction, then Pattaya should be your next halt for having an ultimate life escapade.  In Pattaya, one can witness bamboozling range of tourists attraction which is enough to keep you engaged around the clock. Pattaya’s enthralling beauty is worth seeing and experiencing no matter what your soul crave for. Unarguably Pattaya is love at first sight. With time immemorial, Pattaya’s lively party like status has seemed to be changed into mostly family oriented vacation destination giving it more tourism touch.
Pattaya offers so exhilarating range of fascinating excitements that are hard to experience entirely in single gulp. Starting from ancient Thai traditional beauty to extraordinary variable touch of modernity will put you into some other zone. Whether it is mind-boggling lively night-life parties or esteemed beauty of religious temples and arranged beautiful beaches, Pattaya is ready to provide treasurable pleasure to its all tourists. One can explore nature, art, beauty and cultural wealthiness in a single stroke. Pattaya lets its visitor feel an unlimited thrill with the umpteen number of fun and adventurous activities hidden underneath it appealing beauty.
The white sandy shores, blue crystal clear water, lush green surroundings and cool soothing breezes will make you feel an irreplaceable peace of mind.  Increasingly popular touristy beach destination of South-East Asia, Pattaya has incessantly grossed into first-time visitors’ must see list.

Places to See Pattaya

Walking Street

Walking Street PattayaOne of the biggest and busiest happening place, not only that but also the most loved and sought destination among adult tourists in entire Thailand, Walking Street is one of the million place which is hard to find in whole Thailand. The vibrant sight and thrilling sound of this street will emerge a sense of fun and activity while following the beats. This street acclaims 500 metres of fun of its own with sheer volume and variety. The southern end of Walking Street is considered to be the adobe of all the unadulterated warren of nightlife entertainments practically of all taste.
Pattaya is the paramount destination among nightlife enthusiast and party lovers because of the exemplary range of night clubs, beer bars, restaurants or go-go bars and many more. Most of the shops seem deserted and lifeless in daytime, however at night those roads again dress up in the most happing and colourful way with neon lights, thrilling music and street vendors and performers around the place. If you are planning to have a trip to Pattaya, Walking Street should be the first and foremost place to witness.

Sanctuary of Truth

Sanctuary of TruthThe symbol of religioustic beliefs, art, philosophy and cultural heritage, The Sanctuary of Truth is considered to be the most iconic building in Pattaya. Beside all the happening night-life and madness, this Sanctuary is the very place where one can dip himself in complete spirituality and tranquillity. The intricate teak structure is an exquisite and generous demonstration of human endeavour and skills. Designed as per the Thai ingenuity and architectural style, this gigantic sculpture shows beautiful wooden carvings and architectural style based on Eastern philosophy and cosmology. This impressive cultural structure has now become one of the most popular and attractive destination for most of the travellers coming here from different parts of the world.
The folly that stands for neglecting morality and spirituality to achieve materialistic peace not only promotes cultural unanimous but also beholds exclusive Thai Cultural performances, elephant trekking, horse riding and many more. This sanctuary is a place that cannot be missed.

Tiffany Cabaret Show and LadyBoy Show

Tiffany Cabaret Show and LadyBoy ShowPattaya is mostly recognized for its world famous Las Vegas styled Cabaret Show. Tiffany Cabaret and LadyBoy Show are the two most spectacular dazzling show of Pattaya and an exact replica of Las Vegas Cabaret Show, take place in a Grand Theatre. This traditional Cabaret shows holds a breath-taking sight full of bright colours and hour long riots of sound and lights making the show an extravaganza. Through this graceful Thai dance, a sphere of events and series are portrayed with Broadway show tunes, and slapstick burlesque.
Professional performers in their best vibrant dresses grab the stage and erect an impression that makes everyone go eulogize. Apart from the world famous Tiffany Cabaret show, the 30 years old LadyBoy show is nothing but an extravaganza. In this show a surgically and hormonally-enhanced army of transgender performers put an incredible effort and make the show awe-inspiringly appealing with their ladylike grace and beauty.
After the show, audience also can pose for selfie with those super talented artists. However, while in Pattaya, one should not miss such an opportunity to experience the elegant and beguiling beauty of Las Vegas styled Thai Show.

Nong Noch Tropical Garden

Nong Noch Tropical GardenOne of the most prodigious display of vibrant flowers and lush green landscapes surely for entire Thailand, Nong Noch is an aesthetic decorous garden bursting with stunning appearances. This Garden is more like a theme park with many cultural and entertaining events embracing day and night besides loads of restaurants and accommodation option scattered throughout the place. This vast garden showcases the French styled garden and equally fascinates tourists with its overwhelming range of specific flora species like cactus and succulent plants, orchid nurseries, tropical palm gardens, bonsai and topiary garden.
Visiting this place in bare foot, one must get a complete overview the world’s vibrant botanic species. This tropical garden exhibits the largest collection of leafy species and hybrid plants with French styled symmetrical design. While roaming around this massive garden, one may also capture the sound and light classical Thai show mixed with ancient drums and elephant talent shows. One must visit this garden to explore its leisurely pace.

Pattaya Floating Market

Pattaya Floating Market PattayaOne of the four important regions floating market, Pattaya floating market also represents and sells items influenced by Thailand’s four most major regions. The most unique and interesting sight of Pattaya and an exact replica of Bangkok that attracts every tourists who come to this place for the first time. The Floating market of Pattaya is a distinctive shopping area where sellers use traditional boats to sell vibrant range of tropical fruits, vegetables, coconut juice and some local foods cooked over those floating boats. There are ample number of floating markets that can be seen in Pattaya starting from early morning to noon with beautiful richness of Thai architecture and riverside life.
These markets also demonstrate an exquisite number of wooden carvings and fascinating carved images. Those floating markets holds a colourful appealing sight that which is perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation and unarguably impress you with its flawless educational and entertaining attractions.

Big Buddha Hills or Wat Phra Khao Yai

Big Buddha Hills or Wat Phra Khao YaiOne of the massive, magnificent, and intricate sculpture of Lord Buddha build on the heart of Thailand, the Big Buddha unreasonably justifies its name. Perched at a height of 100 metres from sea levels, the explicit design of the big Golden Buddha is certainly a sight worth appreciation. Located on the top of Pratumnak hills, one can barely not notice this enormous beauty of Lord Buddha. Sneaking out between tress, the Big Buddha is the largest in this region. The intricate design and the beautiful temple complex generates a sense of divinity and mood inside the tourists who come here to visit it. The wreath of flowers and the aroma of incense will make you soak into the prayers. The Wat Phra Khao Yai has earned recognition because of the beautiful sculpture.
A long staircase leads to the temple portrays traditional dragon effigies and a mythological seven headed snake called the Nagas. This temple will surely going to give you an ultimate temple destination.

Coral Island

Coral Island in PattayaIf you are looking for a paradise alike place in Pattaya, then most probably the first place that pops up in your mind is undoubtedly would be Coral Island or Koh Larn, a tiny incredible piece of heaven away from the claws of human inhabitants. A cerulean blue sea and a long stretch of pristine beaches and unspoiled natural wonders, coral island is truly a place of tropical atmosphere and ample sunshine. This place is an ideal retreat for your mental and physical peace from Pattaya’s overcrowded bustling noise. Not only that, but also one can indulge into numerous water sports activities like parasailing and speedboat riding, jet skiing, banana boat riding and, swimming.
Because of the human activity, there are not much coral left in the ocean to see. While in Pattaya, if you are enough with the materialistic attractions, then this is the island you must choose for having an ultimate rejuvenating time.

Underwater World Pattaya

Underwater World PattayaOne of the Thailand’s first modern aquarium, Underwater World is a live aquarium where you can observe the fascinating oceatic creatures’ beauty with naked eyes. This live reservoir has more than 400 species of fishes, crustaceans, sharks and even penguins. This underground oceatic world portraying aquatic creatures is a place which will give you an ultimate adventure destination.
On the other hand, with proper diving license, one can also dive in between the aquatic sharks and other marine mammals and experience a breath-taking diving experience. A trip to observe this fancy marine animals will unarguably give you a worth remembrance memory worth appreciation.

Art in Paradise

Art in Paradise in PattayaArt in Paradise is an exemplary example of an accurate art gallery museum. Away from the traditional assumption, this art paradise has mixed up art with liveliness which is the all beauty about. Created uniquely the arts and spectators here in an ideal example of three dimensional paintings which are interactive and funny to the core. Visitors love to come to this place and observe the beautiful optical illusion playing with your perspective. The paintings are nothing but a trick to your eyes and a classic sight to experience the past civilizations and reproduction of classic arts.
This place also influenced photography among tourists and make them go creative with the 3D paintings and arts making arts more authentic.  For Thai peoples, it is their favourite past times indulging with themselves with those paintings. Art in Paradise is considered to be the most entertaining and amusing gallery, you may find in entire Thailand. In this gallery, one can go as creative and engaging as possible.

Mimosa- The City of Love

Mimosa- The City of Love PattayaThe new tourist attraction and one of the famous and popular shopping arcade for tourists with, Mimosa is an incredibly beautiful place with unique design of European style and Architecture. The stereotypical type of presentation makes tourists to fall in love with this place.
This newly created place, Mimosa is accurately called the city of Love because of the overwhelming atmosphere that is going to please your eyes. This place has now become a desirable destination among family vacationers and local tourists.

Cuisines in Pattaya

If you truly want to enjoy Pattaya in actual sense, you must not forget your most crucial sense, your taste. Pattaya is unreasonably famous for authentic Thai oriented cuisines found all over the city. If you really want to discover the treasurable beauty of Thai Cuisines, you must eat like a local. There are an ample number of food stalls, restaurants and an infinite number of mouth-watering delicacies, making it hard for one to choose what to eat. One can find multi-cultural cuisines of differed taste brought by Thai peoples of different places. Spicy and Sour Issan flavours are the speciality of Pattaya.

Som Tum or spicy green papaya salad, Tom Yum Goong, Gai Yang with Khao Niao, Pad Krapow Moo Saap, a Fried Basil and Pork, Khao Pad Gung , Fried Rice with Prawns are the major pungent dishes of this place.

Accomodation to Stay in Pattaya

Being a hot touristy place, Pattaya offers an exquisite number of luxurious to budget hotels where one can have world class comforts and facilities. The best hotels of Pattaya also offers easy and convenient accessibility to the major attraction of Pattaya with fantastic facilities. Most of the hotels showcases traditional Thai beauty and 19th century European grandeur. Apart from all, because of the top class management facilities, you will surely love staying in Pattaya.

Transportation Inside Pattaya

Most of the Pattaya’s major attraction are considered to inside the spam of few kilometres. This place almost can be covered with bare foot. Other than that, the transport facility here also very incredible providing convenient and easy way of getting around. There are plenty number of commuting option available here in Pattaya which will give you affordable and reliable option so that you can roam around the beautiful city without any worry.