Top Tourist Places to Visit in Hanoi

Places to Visit in Hanoi

There are dozens of places in Vietnam, but not as charming and graceful as the Capital itself. While in Vietnam, after Ho Chi Minh, the next spot that you should not left unexplored is undoubtedly Hanoi, a place with rustic charm and mellow romance. The narrow progressing streets and a mystical touch of modern metropolis grandeur magnifies the unblemished beauty of this place in true sense. If your soul thirst for a place where you can equally enjoy the magnificence of high range colonial styled buildings while indulging in the most peaceful and magical ambience surrounded by transcending range of tourist attractions.

Shadows lurking from the old-fashioned, century old colonial type buildings and museums creates an appealing aura which make it hard for one to escape. You cannot but unreasonably blend with the captivating and sophisticated beauty sparkling between a decade old colonial charms. On the contrary, this rich and diluted culture and tradition of this awe-inspiring place will make you crave for more. If it is not enough, the bustling crowd and voices will make a chill run through your spines and arise your adrenalines. Plethora range of luring activities mixed with dozens of lakes and water bodies together hold a sight worth appreciating.

Despite the mild shadows of modernity prevails in this place, a strong fascinating essence of past still can be felt here in this gorgeous city. Hanoi is an overwhelming amalgamation of Chinese architecture and traditional Vietnamese buildings jotted down with an impressive French impact. Truly, this is the place which thrives under the confluence of diverse culture. The most popular touristy destination of Southeast Asia, Hanoi should be the place in your list that needs to be explored with naked eyes.

Things to Do in Hanoi

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in HanoiA place quite full of fascinating information and collection of artefacts, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is an exemplary treat for all history and anthropology lovers. One cannot find a better place than this to uncover and explore the century old cultural and traditional heritage of 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam and its lifestyle. Through this huge supreme place, one can explore a plethora range of ancient artefacts and items from their lifestyles such as jewellery, tools, clothing, music instruments, weapons and a vast collection of photographs which beautifully depicts the stories of medieval times.

There are lots of exhibitions derived from religious beliefs, wedding and funeral ceremonies. But apart from all that, the key feature of this museum which makes it different from other is the example of Tay and Yao stilt houses and Ede long house including the impressive Nha Rong Bana Communal House which can be reached by a log ladder with chiselled steps.

Old Quarter

Old Quarter in HanoiAfter having a pre-historic dose, if you are looking for a place to conquer you gastronomical thirst, you must leap into the Old Quarter, one of Hanoi’s most sought and popular touristy destination exuding the charm and beauty of Colonial world. For shopping lovers, this could be the ultimate place where they can hop on all day long. Though adorned with a charm of historic desirability, the narrow alleyways and streets of Old Quarter will give you more than you even think of. A never ending essence of cultural and traditional beauty can be felt through the colonial structures, pagodas and Buddhist temples.
Old quarter is an exemplary example of contemporary and old fashioned Hanoi. Century old home shop stays with modern cafes, bars, restaurants and bakeries and galleries in perfect harmony. Though some of the traditional items are being placed by the modern outlooks and products, still this is a place worth exploring to indulge in its old charm.

Fine Arts Museum

Fine Arts MuseumFor any history lovers and history buffs around the world, Fine Art Museum of Hanoi is remarkably a piece of architecture worth appreciating and visiting. While in Hanoi, there is no place better than this museum to make yourself impress with the world class architectural exhibition.

Fine Arts Museum is a live size presentation of fascinating art and artefacts about the vibrancy occurred between prehistoric eras to present time. This place is an ideal destination to learn and acknowledge yourself with the most enthralling silk paintings, folk art, sculptures and amazing lacquer works inside the museum. The strikingly beautiful art pieces also includes admirable numbers of paintings and sculptures representing the socialist and patriotic poses of the peasants during the Vietnam War. The depiction of the sculptures of ancient Cham and Buddhist art is truly mesmerizing and eye catching. Other than that the intricate work by the Vietnamese ethnic minority group altogether make this place a must visit during your trip to the Vietnam. 

Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum

Ho Chi Minh's MausoleumBelieved to the final resting place of Vietnam’s most famous and beloved historic political figure, Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum is unarguably the most respected place in Hanoi where tourists from all over the place come to pay homage to the popular figure. Now a days, people from all around the world come to this huge stately building to witness the cremated figure of the widely renowned, Lenin, being preserved and displayed after his death.

Mummified in a granite monolith, every visitor passing through this place dress respectfully while maintaining silence throughout this place. Photography is strictly prohibited inside this mausoleum and also a sense of huge respect and admiration prevails inside the mausoleum.

The Temple of Literature

The Temple of LiteratureFar away from the chaos of the city, the Temple of Literature is a scenically peaceful place known for preserving the culture and tradition for centuries. The magnificent temple is a symbol of calmness and serenity. The intricate design and architecture of this temple will take you back to the glorious past. The most significant features of this building are the giant stone turtles engraved students name. To get the true essence of the place, do not forget to hire a guide.

Local Foods to Try in Hanoi

In Hanoi, one can experience mouthful dishes and culinary platters in a range that one can hardly believe. Inexpensive yet tasty, the platter of Hanoi uses freshwater ingredients such as prawns, squids, shrimps, crabs, clams, and mussels.  Other than that, Vietnamese street foods like pho noodles, spring rolls, rolled cakes, and skewered meat also can be found here in large variety

The traditional dishes of Hanoi are basically served with platters of fresh greens and herbs as well as the quintessential nuoc cham dipping sauce as accompaniment. One will definitely have an pungent experience after trying the foods and delicacies here.